Panthers and Tigers had a fantastic day yesterday!

We built circuits to blow down the 3 little pigs houses and then had a competition between the classes to see who had created the best fan! We were so pleased that one of our fans won!! Tigers class followed only around half a second behind though so it was very close!!


Then we made rocket cars and raced them in the hall ! It was a fantastic day and we learnt lots about electricity and friction!

There was a special delivery waiting for us when we arrived at school this morning!

We think the elves delivered it!

We only have sweets for a few days though, so we’re hoping that if we be extra good that they’ll fill the rest up too!

Happy December 1st from us all 😬

Panthers and Tigers class had a fantastic day at Flag Fen yesterday!

What did you enjoy the most Panthers class?

Can you remember any facts?

We thoroughly enjoyed bugtopia this morning, here are just some of the photographs. There was a stick insect, cockroaches, a domino beetle, a miipede and a tarantula called Sally.

What did you enjoy the most?

We are enjoying their games afternoon in year 3!

We are teaching each other to play and learning about percevearing and the taking turns.

What’s most enjoyable though is sharing our favourite games with our friends!!

The children in year 3 are having lots of fun in their Wonderstruck workshop this morning!

img_0328  img_0310

img_0314  img_0305

So far they have learnt that the batteries fit into a battery pack a certain way, that a circuit needs to be complete to power a motor and also that the batteries are what give the energy to they motor! They have also made decisions through trial and improvement about which propellors to use to blow down the three pigs houses!

Please comment to tell us what you enjoyed the most about today!


1. It’s Autum now all of the leaves are falling from the trees.

2. It’s also getting very cold outside right now.

3. Everyone once to be inside because it’s cold and you can have hot chocolate.

4. People like to play in the leaves all day.

5. It’s so cold outside no one can go outside they just play in side.