Autum is a cold and rainy day.Spring is a growing season and a beautiful season.Winter is a freezing season and it has snow.Sumer is a worm season and a playing season.My favrote season is Sumer because you can play with your friends.

1. It’s Autum now all of the leaves are falling from the trees.

2. It’s also getting very cold outside right now.

3. Everyone once to be inside because it’s cold and you can have hot chocolate.

4. People like to play in the leaves all day.

5. It’s so cold outside no one can go outside they just play in side.



Right now it is autum!

In autum the colour of the leaves change.

The autum wind is cold but we like playing in the leaves!

The next season is winter!

In two seasons it’s New Year!

It is getting cold every day. The leaves are falling down the trees.The leaves are changing colours. All the time we play with leaves.We are collecting conkers as big as a balloon.